Whatever your next digital conquest, The Bigger Design is ready to barrel-roll into battle with itchy coding fingers poised on hair-trigger keyboards. We've worked with small companies and not-so-small companies. Browse a sampling of our work below.

Build Your Own Autonomous NERF Blaster Book

Breaking out the BFGs

Our background in NERF shenanigans takes on new form with our book "Build Your Own Autonomous NERF Blaster". Written by The Bigger Design's Principal, Bryce Bigger, readers get a guided tour through the entire process of building their own automated NERF sentry unit. Learn creative coding with Processing and add easy hardware capabilities with Arduino to beat Skynet to Judgment Day. Buy it now on Amazon and start your path to global domination.

Boardwalk Adventure Game (for Desktop and iPad)

Ample life experiences for children with autism

  • CLIENTNational Institutes of Health
  • AGENCYRiver Rock Creative, Danya International
  • INVOLVEMENTGame Design, Unity C# Development, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation

Boardwalk Adventure is an interactive video game for adolescents who have an autism spectrum disorder. Deploying to the browser and iPad, the game teaches users about personal hygiene, friendships, dating etiquette, puberty, and sexual health, feelings, and behaviors. Working in tandem with certified specialists in autism, The Bigger Design undertook the mammoth task of developing the game from a blank slate to a full-fledge learning experience. Boardwalk Adventure is currently in closed beta.

Westeros Brewery

Epic landscape for a CMS

  • CLIENTSpree Commerce
  • INVOLVEMENTResponsive Web Design & Development, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rendering

To show how dead simple it is to create your own ecommerce site with Spree Commerce's tools, we created a responsive site in the spirit of the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. Westeros Brewery is a case study as well for Spree, with a how-to tutorial on the site being featured in .net magazine (issue #231). Bottles and labels were modeled, textured, and rendered in Maya with Vray.

In the Kitchen with Chef Boyardee

Cooking up a storm in a crowded kitchen

  • CLIENTConAgra Foods
  • AgencyBrowser Media
  • INVOLVEMENTAnimation, Actionscript Development

In the popular animated style of "Jib-Jab", we animated this Chef Boyardee greeting card experience for Facebook distribution. Visitors upload photos of their family's faces and insert them into animated chefs, who then wildly cook and dance around the kitchen. Each animation is saved and can be shared with their friends and family through Facebook or email.

Sea Demining, Flight Simulation, & Mission Rehearsal Systems

Working for ol' Uncle Sam

  • CLIENTSUS Navy, Lockheed Martin, The Mariner Group
  • INVOLVEMENT3D Modeling & Texturing, Web-based applications, real-time terrain generation

From developing web-based, touchscreen applications to real-time terrain generation to full 3D flight simulation/mission rehearsal, The Bigger Design has been the wingman for many government defense contractors. Recent work involves tracking and neutralization of sea mines around the world using prototypes developed with Flash, Silverlight, and HTML5.