Sentinel: An Autonomous NERF Gun powered by Adobe AIR and Arduino

So it’s been about a year since this blog was updated, so we’re bouncing back into the blogoverse with an epic post to make up for the hiatus. The Bigger Design presents you with our Sentinel project. We strapped a NERF BFG on a homebrew swivel stand, hooked up some wires with an Arduino board, slapped a webcam on top, and brought it all together with an Adobe AIR application to make it sing.

This was part of a larger presentation given at this past spring’s Columbia Adobe User GroupRefresh Columbia double-feature meetup. Here’s another short video demonstration of the Sentinel from the meeting, courtesy of Greg Lunn.

Now we’re brushing off the cobwebs and bringing the Sentinel project back into the spotlight. Over the next few weeks, we’ll break the project down, describe its biggest challenges and how we solved them. If there’s enough interest, we’ll get your trigger finger itching with details on how you can roll your own.

Check out our Sentinel photos on Flickr.

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  1. My name is John Conner and I was sent from the future to stop this sort of thing…so you know…stop it. Actually that was awesome. Is Skynet going to be an Adobe AIR application?

  2. Could I perhaps repost this to one of my sites with this subject? I’d link to the initial, of program. Let me know by simply email what you think?


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