AdobeMAX and The Sentinel

Adobe called a few months ago and expressed interest in having The Sentinel as part of their keynote at AdobeMAX. After mulling it over for .001 seconds, we were in. We put together a tech-focused video on the project, since it was created with Flash and runs on Adobe AIR, and sent it their way. Next thing you know they’re calling back and wanting it in person. Copious amounts of packing materials and extra parts later we’re in LA rubbing elbows with Ben Forta, Ely Greenfield, and Matt Chotin, and the rest of the Adobe gang.

Here’s the video that aired during the AdobeMAX Day 2 Keynote:

Once through with the keynote, it was off to a few sessions on GoogleTV, new 3D technology for Flash Player, multi-player gaming, and more. Check out all the sessions for AdobeMAX on AdobeTV.

In addition to a great conference, the amount of goodies acquired was epic. All attendees received a Droid 2 phone from Motorola and a Logitech Revue from Google. This is in addition to thumb drives, water bottles, Flex books, etc.

Additionally, head over to Flickr for a few more pictures.

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