Our NERF Gun Installation at MailChimp HQ is Unveiled

We can finally talk about our latest project – a NERF installation at MailChimp headquarters in Atlanta! We designed a custom cart to hold dual Vulcan guns so they can lay down some hurtin’ over the interwebs. We’ll post more once we get off the plane and back to our HQ. For now, check out MailChimp’s blog and the video below.

4 Responses to “Our NERF Gun Installation at MailChimp HQ is Unveiled”

  1. lol…. you guys totally rock!!!!! I sooooo can’t wait till i’m able to have a go my self! I swear, I sooo wish i worked at mail chimp, and i would do ANYTHING to be able to work with you guys. you really are the best company ever!!!!! period!
    Don’t ever stop! MailChimp to rule the World! lol… 🙂

  2. Hi – loved this Nerf Gun installation.

    If we want something like this for our office, how much would it cost? Please feel free to answer me offline using my email.



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