Thinking BIG on company branding

The Bigger Design is a hands-on kind of place. We tear down and build everything from computers to robots. So it just goes to say that we think a little different when it comes to marketing. That and we like to save our scratch for the fun stuff.

Case in point: our LEGO logo. Created with the highly effective interlocking method and a mess of blue bricks, we made this tabletop display to really stand out. Plus, it was easy and fun. Especially with the construction crew we secured from E-bay. Piles to stencil to awesome in just a few days.


Another case in point: our massive stamp. Ever printed envelopes and then rendered them useless by moving? Me too. After making that mistake once, we invested $85 in a Texas-sized stamp (and inkpad the size of an aircraft carrier) that marks everything from envelopes to boxes. Plus, stamping is almost as fun as LEGOs. Almost.


Last case in point: business signage. If you’re like us, you work in a cool place with a bunch of cool people. But you need to make your mark somehow so clients and lunch dates can locate you fast. We created our company sign on a glass door using a new-fangled high-tech device called a “grease pencil.” Seriously. People love it so much they want to touch it. And they can because the drawing is on the inside of the glass. It doesn’t smear as long as you keep them rubbing the front of the glass not the back.


So whatever you’re doing—whether signage, letterhead or proposals—be crafty with your brand. Ingenuity can save you money and provide hours of fun. What’s been your craftiest marketing tactic?

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